The Swingin’ Shepherd Blues

Moe Koffman, Rhoda Roberts and Kenny Jacobson

Along a mountain pass,
There is a patch of grass
Where the swingin’ shepherd plays his tune,
His sheep never stray,
Dancin’ all day
Till they see the pale and yellow moon,
And then he leads his flock
And homeward they all rock
To the tune of the Swingin’ Shepherd Blues.


Come home shepherd,
Play those haunting trills.
Come home shepherd,
Let it echo through the hills,
The Swingin’ Shepherd Blues.

And down the mountain pass,
There lives a pretty lass
Who’s waitin’ for the moon to shine above,
She dresses with care,
Braided in her hair
For the one and only swingin’ love,
And she knows he’ll never roam
Because she waits at home
For the tune of the Swingin’ Shepherd Blues.

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